I love spending time in nature, with or without a camera. While I can appreciate the charms and attractions of towns and cities, they tend to tire me out within a few hours. The noise, the pollution, the stress – people have less time for one another, and it wears me down.

Nature is the opposite of that. It doesn’t matter so much where I am – seeking out a patch of wilderness is always immensely calming. I love mountains, with their sense of endless freedom, and I feel similarly about deserts, savannahs and oceans. Endless horizons. Yet at the same time, I find being enclosed by a deciduous forest immensely comforting.

There is also something very satisfying about photographing landscapes. People can be directed, and as a photographer you rely on their engagement, whether conscious or unconscious. Wildlife requires a fair bit of luck, as once again there is a reliance on other participants. With landscapes you may be at the mercy of the elements, but the creative process is yours. The picture is already there – you just have to discover it.