I won’t lie – photographing people used to scare me. It still does, sometimes. And yet, nothing is more fulfilling. Connection and confidence is everything when it comes to truly capturing human moments, I really believe that. I enjoy candid moments as much as anyone, but taking the time to get to know someone before you photograph them, even for a moment – that’s really something.

It doesn’t always work out so well, of course. There are times and places when circumstances simply aren’t in your favor, when connecting is difficult. That’s when confidence becomes important – not being afraid to try again tomorrow.

Mostly, though, giving of yourself is a pretty fail-safe way to connect with people. Dignity? Forget about it – I dance, I sing, I play – especially (but not only) if I’m working with kids. And you know what? It usually does the trick. And the photographs are just a small part of what I carry with me from such encounters.