Closeup & Macro

Until a few years ago I didn’t concern myself too much with macro photography, and it is still a category I neglect far too often. Despite which I find it incredibly rewarding. The world of the small is truly a world of its own, be it the finer details on a musical instrument or the realm of insects and plants. I am fascinated by hands, both because I find them beautiful and because of the symbolism which they evoke: we do indeed hold the fate of the planet in our hands, and so we must take great care to be gentle.

Macro photography, although it occupies only a small fraction of my time, has taught me to see the world differently. In the desert I no longer see only dunes, but also the myriad ripples, crests, tracks and burrows that abound. In the forest, mosses, mushrooms, berries and flowers abound, and I can spend hours wandering aimlessly, entranced by the richness of life. The only downside is that I am much more likely to get lost. Or walk into a tree.