An image says more than a thousand words. As a writer I may disagree, but as a photographer it is certainly what I aspire to do: to tell stories, to convey emotions, to show you what I care about, and to make you care about it too, all the while bypassing the barriers of language.

There are some who would call my photos documentary, others who might call them art. Perhaps they are both. The truth is, I don’t give it much thought. They are a means to an end, and a way for me to share moments, experiences, beliefs, encounters, thoughts, and feelings with anyone and everyone who cares to listen (or rather look). I don’t shy away from the challenges we face, but they are not what I choose to focus on. I want to leave you feeling hope, not despair, and I want you to see strength, not vulnerability. Life is precious, but it is worth nothing if we do not care about one another and our planet. Maybe one of my images touches you. Maybe it just puts a smile on your face. Either way, it’s my honor and pleasure.