Sub-Saharan Africa

Scandinavia might be my home, but Africa is where my heart is. My grandparents gave me a 300-page book on the predators of the world for Christmas when I was four years old, and there was no looking back after that. My parents brought me to Kenya when I was twelve, but it would take a further 12 years until I came back. Since 2011, however, I have spent at least a third of my time on this fascinating continent.

Africa, like everywhere else on the planet, has plenty of good and plenty of bad to offer. It is an incredibly complex continent, with more variety of people, landscapes, culture, language and wildlife than most people who have never visited – and many who have – can possibly imagine. And yet for all its diversity there is a special something that connects this vast place: a life force, stronger here than anywhere else, aptly symbolised by the blood-red soil that can be found across so much of it. This force, the continent’s beating heart, is what continues to draw me and countless others back to this cradle of mankind, the place where it all began.